Shaolin Slap Slap!

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Shaolin Slap Slap!

Shaolin is a Martial arts developed by the Monks of shaolin temple. Shaolin Slap Slap  This is a two player game, Prove yourself that you are a master in this art of fighting by slapping the enemy. You will have to face Fong Fu Tiger, Pandalala Fox, Pan Dan Panda and Gold Li Monkey inside the temple. The slapping game is a kind of game where scraping of claws and bluffs are used for best enjoyment.  2 Player shaolin mode can be used to challenge your friend. Learn the fighting techniques by entering into temple. KEY BOARD KEYS TO PALY PLAYER                                        TO BLUFF                            TO ATTACK PLAYER 1                                            Z                                                    X PLAYER2                                            N                                                    M *

Player 1: Use Z for bluff and X to attack (or dodge attack). Player 2: Use N for bluff and M to attack (or dodge attack).


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